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There are alot of different online marketing tools or systems that you can find on the internet.

Some people use The Simple Money System and  Empower Network to name a few.

Check out this video to see the system that I use that is generating people massive results online and offline! With out a system you are heading for Home Base Business Suicide!!

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Keeping in touch with your customers, prospects and business partners can be
very beneficial to your business relationships and RIO (Return on investment).
Sending greeting cards and postcards is an extremely effective way to make this point.

Regardless of the amount of clients on your list, sales campaigns and
promotional budgets, you can discover many advantages of sending
out cards for your business.

You can literally change your business when you change your relationships and Sendoutcards can be the key!

See when your business contacts see that you’re not just doing business
with a database, but you see them as a person who has a family and a life, this
makes them understand that you care. One of the greatest secrets to your
future success is to understand the power of [click to continue…]




To the TOP,

Shawn Johnson

“Super Doer”

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When you stop and look at the different MLM Companies, you find that they are not that much different from each other when it comes to their concept.

They all need customers as well as distributors to fuel the business and to build a profitable company.


With some companies being international, this opens up a greater opportunity to really expand and also build your business in other localities.

So what are you doing to build your mlm business online?

How are you marketing your business online?

How will you acquire business and business partners in Mexico when you are in Florida?

How are you going to train your growing business team so they too can enjoy success?

These are some questions to think about that we will answer [click to continue…]


If it is not so long ago for you as it is for me, do you remember back in high-school  how some of the guys had goo-goo eyes for the cheerleaders.

What about how the cheerleaders who had crushes on the basketball players.

I am sure you can remember this and you may even have been one of them, but WAIT, lets back up.

Did you noticed how the chase was on once a cheerleader gave someone the rejection bomb?

How about when the jock did not even acknowledge the cheerleader?

Yes the chase was on like the Bull run in Spain! So how does this tie to network marketing?

See if you have been in network marketing long enough, you have either been a victim or the aggressor when it comes to chasing. [click to continue…]