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Sitting here writing this I think about the time when I wanted to learn how to beat Ninja Gaiden, which was a popular video game back in the early 90s. After school I could not wait to get home to bum rush my little brother, so I could play that game.  I would get my memory card and insert it into my video game so I could start where I left off after playing it the night before. I mean night in night out, before school after school I would play this game.

Sometimes I would not even eat just so I could make it to the next level. See I was Persistent. Nothing could stop [click to continue…]


Do you sometimes put things off and say to yourself that you will get to it later? Let me guess, somehow later never seems to come. Are you so freaking busy that you know you have something that you need to do but because of your schedule you postpone it for another day? Let me guess again, that day is not good either? This is just two excuses that people have all the time, better known as Procrastination. We all suffer from this from time to time and we think that it is no big deal, because we can always get to whatever it is later. But that is just not the case. [click to continue…]