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So there you have it and I hope you got a lot value out of my MyLeadSystemPro Member of the month interview. [click to continue…]


Finger-in-Ears-Boy-1024x627Let me ask you a quick questions…

When you start a new business, do you follow the road map that is given to you, or do you do things your own way?

A lot of times when we start a new business we make the crucial mistake of not following the system.

Sometimes we think we know it all and start doing things in our own way. Even though we were given a road map we still blindly start building in our own way.

To be very very transparent… I have personally been guilty of doing this myself. [click to continue…]



I get asked all the time, “Can a person really generate leads blogging?”…and my answer is always the same “YES”.

Having a blog as a part of your business, will not only separate you from other people in your company who do not have one….

…But it will also give you an advantage over your competition and help you better connect with your target market.


When you are writing relevant content on your blog that, attracts your target market or people interested in your passion, it makes it that much easier to generate leads blogging. [click to continue…]




Are you wondering how to generate free Total Life Changes  leads?

After talking to family and friends, most Total Life Changes And Iaso Tea Distributors  find it difficult to find leads to promote their business too.

They think generating Total Life Changes leads takes a lot of time but actually its a simple thing  to do.  [click to continue…]


Merry Christmas…10423874_10204536383584997_6352670124480019717_n

It's December 25th, 2014 and my second Christmas with my 15 month old son.

This time is super special because he is walking and talking and can actually interact with his gifts.

Times like this are awesome times to…

Spend time with family.. [click to continue…]