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paycation travel business

You have landed  on this blog post because you seek more information on the Paycation Travel Business.

The Paycation Travel Business enables you to run a successful business right from the comfort of your home with the most exciting product worldwide.

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a retiree, doctor, student, or one of the millions of full time, hardworking, yet underpaid and under-appreciated employees, Paycation gives you the opportunity to become financially independent by working your own home based business with all the tools, training and support you need to become successful.

There are 3 ways you can get started in with your own Paycation Travel Business:

1. Travel Club Member Independent Associate – $40.00 and a $29.95 monthly fee

2. Referral Travel Consultant (RTC) – $99.95 and $59.95 monthly fee

3. Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) – $149.95 and $59.95 monthly fee

You can read more and the original content on the paycation website by clicking here

In the video below I will discuss  the paycation travel scam rumors as well as why the reps who join still fail to have success.

So, whether you are currently a rep, someone recently introduce to the Paycation Travel Business model or someone here to do their due diligence, I am sure the video below will answer all of your questions.

I hope you enjoyed this informative video and understood why the Paycation Travel Business is not a scam.

I also hope you understood that you need to learn how to market your travel business if you want to have success. This way you can start reaching the income level in your business that you deserve.

To learn how to generate more leads, sponsor more reps and make more money in your Paycation Travel Business, as I said in the video visit http://SponsorMoreLeads.com or click the link below.

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If you found any value in this blog post, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

– Shawn Johnson


Snail Mail

Not to many people understand the power of using snail mail in their business.

A Matter Of A Fact…

In keeping up with all the different technology that we can use to help build a successful business, more direct sales and mlm companies are allowing consultants to market their business on the internet.

Not to long ago this was unheard of, but with online sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,  marketing online has become an everyday process.

Having an online business helps you reach more customers as well as recruit more reps from areas outside of your local circle.

Let me tell you something, I witness this power when I first recruited my first international business partner from Australia.

Also,  I noticed that having a process online where I could sign up new recruits and allow customers to purchase from me, gave me the freedom to work on other areas of my business.

Basically this freed up time where I could learn more to increase my personal value, implement what I had learned  and than share what I learned in the market place.

For the purpose of this blog post, when I say customer I am referring to teammates who are in business with you as well as customers who use or consume your products or services.

If you did not know, one of the key factors in maintaining an online customer base is actually going offline.

If you have an online business I am sure you use email. And while email is quick and easy to use, especially when you have a huge team, it can also miss that personal touch.

Let me explain.

When receiving email, it is very easy to misinterpret the message as well as its just easy for an email to get deleted. But when sending snail mail notes, it gives the customer a lasting impression remembering you even when they are not plugged in.

Check This Out: Remember when I said earlier that having an online business set up right allows you to focus on other things in your business?

Well consider this…the time you save by using email as a primary means of communication actually frees up more time to send snail mail hand written notes.

Just think about  how you could maintain your current customers by simply writing a few hand-written notes each day and mailing them out. For example:

You could write notes with themes of :

  • I appreciate you
  • Thank you notes for online orders; mention something specific about their order so they don’t just think it’s just a generic note
  • Follow up cards to customers who have not ordered in two or more months
  • Welcome to the team for new consultants
  • Congratulations on rank promotions
  • Catch them putting extra effort into their business.
  • And many many more ( The possibilities are endless)

With so many things we  do online, it would awesome to get some snail mail in our niche.

Even if it's a letter to jut say “Thank You”, it was the thought and the merely courtesy that separates it from the internet world.

Sending a “Thank You” letter to a customer goes a long way. So don't consider it a waste of time but rather consider it something that will set  you apart from the rest.

However, when sending a thank you note mean, be genuine, because acknowledging people in this business goes a long way.

There’s also the element of surprise.

Because who uses snail mail  like this these days?

Also most people will admit they don’t hardly get a  piece of mail that has the sole purpose of  showing gratitude without any hidden agendas.

With the exception of follow-up-time-to-reorder notices, all other correspondence is meant to simply show appreciation.

It can also be said that the follow-up notices are similar to the courtesy notices you get from the dentist telling you it’s time to reschedule a visit. We all live such busy lives that few would complain about reminders.

Anyone who has online customers base can benefit by taking some elements of their business offline. The pay off will be rewarding, leaving a lasting impression with your loyal customers.

But the secret to that is that you must be sincere when using snail mail in your business.

If you’re sending snail mail to your customers with the intent to get more sales without being  genuine about your appreciation, then you're better off not doing it at all.

You would have would missed the point I have shared and insincerity will do more damage than good.

So why not add a special touch to your business by sending snail to your customers.

Not only can it create an impression, but it also can create  a loyal following and separate you from all the noise that is online.

If you are looking for a fast, efficient and dependable snail mail system that will save you time and money, check out the SendOutCards system.

It's a tool I personally use and recommend if you are looking to use snail mail in your business. It helps me keep in contact with my customers as well as show my appreciation for their business.

It also allows me to incorporate my own personal hand writing, send gifts and much much more.

Did I forget to mention I do not even have to leave my home? Go ahead, click below, watch the video and try it for Free today.

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I truly hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned how using snail mail can enhance your business.

If you found any value in this blog post, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

– Shawn Johnson



 1 of my favorite ways to market online is by doing solo mailing better known as solo ads. I found it to be one of the easiest ways to generate leads and sales inside of your business.

Solo mailings, if done correctly, can be one of the quickest ways to boost your website traffic as well. You may have to test and tweak a few ads until you find one that produces the results that you are looking for.

In using solo mailing myself, my best mailing was when I generate upwards of 100 leads and 1 sale on complete autopilot. So I would call that A CLUE!

With that said, I am going to give you 5 tips to get you started on the right path of improving your solo mailing traffic results.

Solo Mailing Tip #1

Head Line – This is probably the most important part of  a solo mailing ad. If no one opens your ad, then whatever that is in the body does not matter.  So you want a subject line to be short , cause curiosity so its compelling enough that it grabs the attention of your reader and makes her want to open it.

Numbers used in the subject line tend to get more opens.


Well  people like to know the exact  number of something. It lets them know precisely what they’re getting – just like the title of this article where I used the number 5.

Solo Mailing Tip #2

Mailing Time – While there is really no set-in-stone rule about the perfect time to send a solo mailing, however there are some theories about the best days and the best times to send a mailing.

The general consensus is that Tuesday and Thursday are the best days to send out a mailing.

Why, I have no clue.

As for what time, again there’s no rule about the best time to send it but again there are some theories that are out there.

Many people believe that it’s best to send between 2-5pm. You’ll have to test and tweak to find out what works best for you and your audience.

I personally get with the solo ad provider and schedule the day and time I want my solo mailing to go out.  I also ask them things about their list because they know their list better than I do.

I ask this so I can get a feel on when I should request my solo mailing to be sent out.

It's no real formula to what day and times I pick. I just pay, pick, and wait for my results.

Again you have to test and tweak to see what works best for you.

Solo Mailing Tip #3

Link Placement –  Many people have different opinions on link placement in your solo mailing. It’s common sense that you have to have a link to your product or website (whatever you’re “selling” in the solo mailing) in order to get the traffic.

But did you know that you should have links placed strategically throughout the solo mailing?

A good rule of thumb is to have one in the beginning, middle and end. It will also depend on the length of your copy. The more copy you have the more links you need to put in the copy.

One more thing I like to tell you about links is critically and if you do not follow what I am about to say you will probably loose a lot of money and waste your time with solo mailings.

Important: The links that you include in your copy should go to a lead capture page or some call it a squeeze page. You will want to do this so you can build a list and be able to communicate with them about your products and services.

I will  talk about squeeze pages later in a future blog post.

Solo Mailing Tip #4

Create Compelling Copy – One of the best ways to get the attention of your readers and get them to take action is to play on their emotions. This doesn't mean you should lie and make up stuff for people to join you or buy your products or services.

But this means that you will want to stick to the facts but do it in a way that gets down to the emotion of your prospects problem they are facing.

And if you feel that you suck at writing compelling copy or that you cannot do it,  hire a ghostwriter or copywriter to write on your behalf.

Solo Mailing Tip #5

Watch Your Competitors – Make sure you pay attention to what your competitors are doing. Sign up for their mailing lists (  and if you notice that they are continuously using a specific third-part list, that’s a really good indication that that list is working for them.

On the other hand, it’s always a good idea to find lists your competitors aren't using and test those to see how they’ll work for you.

When it comes to improving your solo mailing traffic results, it’s all a matter of testing and tweaking to find what works best for you. But implementing these 5 tips are a perfect place to start with solo mailings.

Doing them consistently can yield you massive results in your business.

For more solo mailing tips and tricks, grab Charlie Page's Free Ezine Traffic eBook.

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If you found any value in this blog post, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

– Shawn Johnson

P.S. – If you haven’t already, watch this video now.  It Rocks.  Trust me.


home business  in wood type

I have found that there are many simple ways to home network marketing business. Sometimes we can re-event the wheel instead of using what is already working.

The internet has made it  simple to be able to build  our  own home network marketing business.

Besides, with so much uncertainty of job security and a ever changing economy,  starting your network marketing business  would be  the way to go.

But just think about it…

Unemployment is at an all time high and many jobs are being outsources to foreign countries. Also being a manager and an executive is not safe either because companies are laying them off left and right.

The bottom line is that No one is safe.

And the idea of  being faithful to a company turned into a joke right after many big name companies closed their doors leaving people with 20 , 30 and even 40 years clueless.

Don't get me wrong, nothing is wrong with having a JOB, but while you are making wages why not also make profits which Wikipedia describes as:

A financial benefit that is realized when the amount of revenue gained from a business activity exceeds the expenses, costs and taxes needed to sustain the activity.

But to keep it real, starting a home network marketing business is a awesome option for a number of reasons.

If you are working a job while having a home base business , you can put more money into your bank account due to tax write offs you will receive by being a home base business owner.

Like  Jim Rohn said:

 “Work on your job to make a living , work on your self to earn a fortune”.

Any-who, I may have quoted him wrong but you pretty much get the point.

Just about every month I can almost bet that about 400,000 people start a home network marketing business.

But the downside to that is that just as many people who start  a network marketing business are unsuccessful in making any real money if any at all.

Most fail not because its an unwanted need for their products or services, but they fail because they lack respect the process of building a home business.  They are either looking for microwave results or  they have a lottery mindset thinking they will earn $20K per month over night.

This is the common reason  why people fail in building a home network marketing business.

The best route to take to have success in your home business is to actually treat it  like a REAL business. Create short term and long term goals with an action plan and use your time wisely.

When you put all of this together  along with having a STRONG  why to succeed ultimately you can achieve success.

Doing this puts the likelihood of success in your favor unlike if you just treat your business as a hobby rather than a real business.

But honestly….

Just imagine how differently your life can be if you start to hit home runs in your home network marketing business..

Just think about…

– No more rushing to work fighting traffic.

– No more dropping your kids off at day-care and passing your spouse on the way out the door.

– No more waiting to be approved to take time off for holidays and special events.

Guess What?…It all changes now. Right here. At this time.

If you want your life to be different, and you are willing to invest in yourself, then roll up your sleeves and let's the ball rolling.

I am going to tell you right off the bat that there is a lot to do, but the good news is that most of the money making in a home network marketing business all boils down to doing 2 things exceptionally well.

1. Exposing people to your produce, services and business opportunity.

2. Then teaching your team how to do the same thing.

With consistent correct action, doing these two things can continuously can afford you to write basically write your own paycheck.

If you want to hyper speed your results so you can reach success Quicker, find someone in your company who has what you want and follow their foot steps.

Discover what and how they are doing what they are doing  and  copy their proven formula.

Just make sure you are modeling and not trying to be exactly like them. In other words, do what they are doing but do it in your own voice.

Seriously this works because this is exactly how I generated my first five figures online.

What I learned while modeling some was that you cannot make any money unless someone buys from you. So  you must focus on providing what your target marketing is already searching for which will make the sale effortless.

In a nutshell, you need to focus the majority of your time getting your products, services or business presentation in front of  new eyeballs on a consistent basis.

This simply means that you will want to focus more time on generating leads for your home business..

The more you focus on lead generation the more possibilities you have to reach more people and generate sales.

Besides, if you are not generating leads how in the heck can you make any sales?

To help you out, here is a great online home network marketing business lead generating system I use personally.

It provides marketing training and information that has helped me so I know it can help you as well.

At the end of the day,  if you take the information inside of the lead generation system and use it, You can achieve success.

Quick Disclaimer: I cannot promise you will you will make any money, however I can promise you that you will not be the same person in your business that you are today.

If you found any value in this blog post, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

– Shawn Johnson

P.S. Let's Connect – You can find me on Google+FacebookTwitter and YouTube as well.


Do you pick up the phone when building your home base business?

Well in the world of internet marketing , sometimes we can forget that building  a home base business is a contact sport. A lot of use just want to use the internet only and not pick up the phone when prospecting when building out business.

This works to a certain point, but connecting with people is the key. Sometimes we get caught up with the phrase  “Without Picking Up The Phone” when it comes to generating leads and turning those leads into sales.

Let me be the first to say not picking up the phone does work however,  if you are not generating 2,000 leads a day, picking up the phone may not be a bad idea. The crazy thing is that most network marketer don't even call the leads they generate, so picking up the phone will definitely separate you from the pack.

One of the real reason networkers don't call their leads back is because they do not know what to say.

I recently was on a conference call where my friend Cedrick shared five solid prospecting tips that I know you can use in your business. Not only can these tips help you succeed, but if you  master them you can become a prospecting machine.

Five Solid Prospecting Tips

We all like simple directions or simple formulas that we can follow that will get us to our goal.

So I am going to share with you my prospecting tips notes so you can go and get results today.

Here goes…

1. Prospecting Tips – Phone Affirmation

An Affirmation is a declaration that something is true according to Wikipedia. So you want to declare that the phone is your friend. A lot of networkers look at a phone as a 300 pound guerrilla , so they will not pick it up and call back their prospects.

When you affirm that the phone is your friend and  you trick your brain to believe so, picking up the phone and calling back your leads will become and instant reflex.

2. Prospecting Tips –  Say Hello

One of the biggest reasons why networkers do not call back their prospects is because they do not know what to say. If you just call them back and just say “Hello” ( introduce yourself) , you will separate yourself from about 40-50% of the  other networkers who do not call their prospects back at all.

My friend Cedrick said, If you had a 40-50% chance of winning the lottery, would you play?… Of course you would! So why not pick up the phone and call back your prospects if you have those odds in connecting and closing them inside of your business.

3. Prospecting Tips – Use Leading Questions

When talking to your prospects using leading questions. A leading questions is a questions suggest particular answers. The reason you are asking your prospects these questions is to get a response in the direction where you want the conversation to go.

The old saying goes, “The person asking the questions is the  person taking control of the conversation”. So you want to let your prospects talk so they can share with you the  information that you need to close them.

Some leading questions you can ask can be: 

Hey prospect, I what do you do for a living?

Hey prospect, I see you opted into my website about making $1,000 a week from the comfort of your home, do you remember that website?

Hey prospect, what was it about my ad that caught your attention?

Hey prospect, what has changed in your life that has you wanting to make money from home?

4. Prospecting Tips – Get Personal

Asking a prospect about their area code is a simple way to get personal with your prospect. It gets your prospect to talk and open up a little.

This questions can lead to more question like the ones I mention on prospecting tip -4. There are other ways you can get personal with  your prospects such as asking them about the weather.

However do what works best for you , but get personal, find out who your prospects are and ask them leading questions to get them to talk.

5. Prospecting Tips – WIIFM ( whats in it for me)

As my friend Cedrick says, “Prospects are tuned into radio station WIIFM ( whats in it for me)”. So you must find out what's in it for your prospect and not you because you are already in.

Speak in your prospects language not your language because that will be the best way for you to close them. When you connect with your prospect and find out their WHY, it will give you ammunition to be able to cater to your prospect better.

If you follow these 5 solid prospecting tips, I can not guarantee you will make a boat load of money, but I can guarantee your business will not be the same in the next 30 days!

Remember, when you learn how to close people who are contacting you, you can start generating the income that you deserve so you can enjoy your life and your family.

Shawn Johnson

Question: What is the #1 reason why you do not pick up the phone and call your prospects? Is it because you don't know what to say or you aren't generating leads to begin with? Leave a comment below.